Category: MAZE


The aim of the game is to score high. Collect like colors without collision Collect multiple discs with single line

Mail Train

Image of mail-train game

Avoid crashing the trains! Each train must collect its own colour mail bag then it can be sent home. The game is finished when all trains are at home. Arrange the track by clicking on the “T” junctions. When you are ready you then press START button. the speed can be adjusted during the game. […]

Ghost Toast

Get as many consecutive colors to boost the bonus This is reset when you switch colors Dodge the Bullets Avoid the Ghosts

Train Traffic

Just don’t crash the Trains   No curvature was taken into consideration when designing this track  

Spells and Spiders

Two great wizards are searching for spells a dungeon, but, typical wizards, they have changed the workers into spiders! Click on items that are closest to your web, collect same colour objects to get a some magic, click on same colour,same type to get even more magic. You can get many spiders working for you […]