Colour Crunch

Every tile clicked will place a coloured stone with its value. Place 3 together and they will will merge into one stone with a higher value and a new colour.    

Line Jam

Line up FIVE stones of the same colour. Select a Stone then a Destination. Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal. Save or Load a game at anytime. Dashboard displays score and Next Stones to Fall  

Four Zone

Line up FOUR stones of the same colour. Select a Stone then a Destination. Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal. Save or Load a game at anytime. Dashboard displays score and Next Stones to Fall [hit_count]

Bumper Cars

  You drive the RED car and you race against the BLUE car. The NUMBERS need to be collected in order. They will be in a random order on each level Your score increases with the delay between each NUMBER Each level will get a bit harder TIPS Try to knock the blue off course, you […]

Cops and Robbers

SECURITY ALERT! – CRIMINAL ESCAPES FROM JAIL You start with some bonus coins which you can use to foil the fuzz. keys 1-4 select either 1. Doughnut 2. Banana Skin 3. Stink Bomb 4. Real Bomb You get more coins from the streets

Tail Gunner

Take out the riff raff. You will soon get the hang of it, nothing like learning on the job. You start with low fuel, low ammo and low health with strange aircraft shooting at you, but there is radar to locate supplies. The GOLD parachutes are not on the RADAR. They will upgrade your capacity […]

The Temple of Zog

GO WITH CAUTION AND BEWARE – CAMOUFLAGE IS EVERYWHERE How To Play The main control is with MOUSE LOOK to move around The Arrow or WASD keys will STRAFE =A/D Forward(cruise) backward (stop) Keys Q/E will rotate 90°  Right Mouse button will cycle through weapons Red – Basic – you can always find some of […]

Word Mash

A Game of seven letters. To play click on a letter to highlight it, then click in the square where you think it belongs, repeat until the anagram word is solved. Your score is over 16 words

Gold Mine

 Find the Big Blue Diamond Shoot, Drop Bombs, Collect Gold, Eat Cake, Dodge Bullets Things come out of doors so you need to blow up the doors! You just need a mouse to play this game right click to move left click to fire weapon there is a lot going on so good luck  


  Use the arrow keys to pick up all boxes from the level Double jump is on Fall through the bottom to wrap to the top left and right wrap enabled too Avoid the big yellow Pacmen!

Emperor FEPE

Frog trolls have invaded Antarctica!  – Help FEPE take out the trash – WARNING FROG VOMIT STAINS Use the Arrow keys  UP=JUMP/FLAP LEFT and RIGHT KEYS ALWAYS BE ARMED GET A WRENCH  

Edge Zone

Great board game, make rows of 5 stones of any color. A red stone can also be used as wildcards Game can be saved and loaded Includes all time and last 30 day high score tables

Spells and Spiders

Two great wizards are searching for spells a dungeon, but, typical wizards, they have changed the workers into spiders! Click on items that are closest to your web, collect same colour objects to get a some magic, click on same colour,same type to get even more magic. You can get many spiders working for you […]


Take a trip around the universe and you will discover that you are being followed by giant cluster bombs. Shoot them from a distance and collect any useful items. Find the source of the cluster bombs and destroy it to reach the next level N.B.This may appear real however it is CGI – SPACE IS […]

Red Sands

The Earth is being invaded by UFO’s probably from MARS. The Thames Estuary Defense systems are on HIGH ALERT. One such system is the  RED SANDS Maunsell Fort Ground to Air Gun Array that you find your self in charge of here! So get a grip a figure out a way to save your self and other […]


Its a game of two halves, you, the BLUE have to get the ball into the REDS Goal. Kick off starts by you grabbing one of your men. If you cross the center lin then you can only take one shot at goal because you will lose grip on your player.


Crusty the Crustacean lives in quite a dangerous environment for a Crab. His Mission is to collect treasure. The fish don’t like him and they try to prevent his progress. Fortunately Crusty is a skilled archer and has only to find a bow in order to defend himself. There are also some handy un-exploded bombs […]

Box Bandits

      There has been an air drop over this secret island Bandit Base. Only collect boxes that HQ have cleared Otherwise you may encounter a boob trapped box.