Tail Gunner

Take out the riff raff. You will soon get the hang of it, nothing like learning on the job.

Don’t forget the REAR GUN (RMB) when when there is a hostile on your six

You start with low fuel, low ammo and low health with strange aircraft shooting at you, but there is radar to locate supplies. The GOLD parachutes are not on the RADAR. They will upgrade your capacity levels

  • W: SPEED UP (this depends on the MAX SPEED engine upgrades that you have collected)
  • S: SLOW DOWN The air brakes on this aircraft are amazing, great for parachute pickups
  • A: LEFT 
  • S: RIGHT – as per normal
  • FIRE FRONT GUNS – Left mouse button 
  • FIRE REAR GUNS – Right mouse button

  • BIG RED DOT – hostile
  • Green Dot – the position of AMMO supplies
  • White Dot – he position of Medical supplies
  • Purple Dot – he position of Fuel supplies